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Because we love to create!

Our workshop is on a mission to turn customers' dreams into reality through the creation and production of handcrafted solid wood products. We dedicate ourselves with passion and skill to providing unique and exciting experiences through our objects, which combine the natural beauty of wood with distinctive design and superior quality.

Whether it's furniture, accessories or decorative items, we're here to listen and understand our customers' needs and wants. With attention to detail and artistry, we turn these dreams into reality through our skilled hands and precious materials.

With every piece we create, we seek to bring joy and satisfaction to our customers. Whether it's a small, bespoke item or a larger HORECA order, we are committed to delivering high quality products and exceeding expectations in terms of design, durability and functionality.

At our workshop, we value traditional and artisanal values, bringing to the fore the authenticity and beauty of solid wood. We are always open to challenges and innovations, seeking to bring distinct and special elements to each project.

So, if you have a dream or an idea that you want to turn into reality, let us be your trusted partner. Our workshop is where passion, talent and craftsmanship meet to create remarkable objects that will bring you joy and satisfaction over time.

Collaborations - custom orders - beautiful people

We present to you in the following images some of our collaborations, looking forward to you being part of our story!

Concept-Store ESHTE - Strada Doamnei no 15 Bucharest

Together with Eshte, we created a collection dedicated to the great artist Brancusi. From stools in the shape of the infinity column, to the column-shaped tray and candle holders, the infinity column was our muse in this project. We can also be proud of an antique wooden shelf of 200cm x 200cm, treated and finished using the ShoSugiBan technique, the black color being given only due to its burning, as well as the 200cm x 100cm mirror and the two chandeliers on each level. As well as the external benches and chairs.

The entire project was carried out together with Ioana Voloaca.

Photos taken by FeliciaSimion.Photographer at the Udriste Nasturel Mansion

Morrigans Terrace - Vasile Alecsandri Street - Oradea

The tables were made from oak rounds of 9 cm and 80 cm diameter thickness and the chairs from oak rounds of 6 cm thickness and 40 cm diameter. Also, the metal part of the tables and their painting was done in our workshop.

Culemn X DiaBuga lamps

Together with Dia we created a collection of unique lamps full of story with an antique oak base and its wonderful lampshades

Cafe Spezia - Vasile Alecsandri Street Oradea

In this cafe we ​​made our mark with our Star lamps, Challe bar stools and 4 custom outdoor tables.

These are some of the projects completed by us, thanking all those who were with us. We are impatient to create places full of life and emotion, waiting for you in our world Culemn!

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